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Forecasted Revenue

We've forecasted our revenue to be $2.4MM in the first year alone, with a full profit margin of 25%

Experienced Leader

19+ years of experience opening and operating restaurants across DC, MD, NJ, NY, and CT.

Raising Funding

We are seeking $1.2MM to help develop our concept

Welcome to Bar Bespoke

Bar Bespoke is a modern cocktail bar that celebrates the classics while cultivating a chef-driven culinary experience tailored to your palate. 

Craft Cocktails + Caribbean-American Street Food Inspired Small Plates

We are working to bring Bar Bespoke in Fairfield County, CT with the support of our advisory team.

Learn more about our investment strategy, profitability structure, and team.

The Problem

The  Fairfield County, CT Market Lacks Culinary + Beverage Diversity

Home to many well-traveled young professionals and families who would benefit from more quality food, beverage and entertainment options that do not require them to have a night out in NYC

40+ restaurants and not a single aligned authentic elevated cocktail bar or restaurant

With about 20 Fortune 500 companies, including hedge funds and investment firms, Stamford (sample market) is brimming with professionals who live and work in the vicinity

The Entire Lifecycle


PRS fully develops the restaurant and bar concept including food and beverage style, menu organization, spatial visualizations, bar/restaurant design, digital/social presence, music and vibe.


Real estate through a highly respected commercial restaurant emerging brands broker. Recruiting top-tier talent while sourcing equipment, products and furnishes from the local market whenever possible.

Working with reputable and proven builders. Scheduling pop-up events to build customer based and vet food and beverage menus. Performing comprehensive real-time evaluations of the local market and establishing vendor accounts/relationships.


Grand Opening

Community oriented. Always have a charitable element specific to the local market. PRS focuses on spreading the culinary arts and hospitality management education through schools and colleges and focusing on minority and/or under-privileged youth in the neighborhoods we are a part of. offering transparency for operations and being a conduit to the arts in paramount.

About the owner

Raasikh Muhammad Joseph is the Founder and Principal of Pinnacle Restaurant Strategy, and has over 19 years of experience in the food and beverage space. 

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