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Opening and Growing for New / Emerging Concepts

Developing new brands and partnering with existing brands to help grow creative concepts to new markets.

Targeting concepts that are minority owned and/or operated that bring diversity to the target market. 


Expanding Opportunities for Under-Served Populations

Through partnerships with capital partners, institutions of higher learning and local governments we head advocacy for the growth of hospitality management programs in schools and colleges in the greater NYC/CT markets.

Through our advocacy platform we structure media opportunities in hosting to educate others on the intricacies of the hospitality industry while exploring food, beverage and people.


Operations-Centered Strategic Consulting

We help you to burn through less cash by providing guidance on methods to improve COGS and grow sales through management of labor, beverage program direction, culinary practices, purchasing relationships, marketing strategies and organization culture as a whole to ultimately deliver stronger EBITAR for existing organizations.

Pinnacle Restaurant Strategy (PRS) is a consultancy focused on strategic development, profitability, and diversity advocacy within the hospitality industry.

Discover Concept Development

A modern cocktail bar that celebrates the classics

Bar Bespoke cultivates a tailored experience for every palate. Bespoke cocktails and a Caribbean-American small plate menu with educated and personable service. 

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